Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Still Not Good at Perspective

Just as I'm lazy about bothering with a tripod when taking photographs, I'm lazy about bothering with a grid when drawing, even though I know it would give me immeasurably better results. Below is the jar of colored glass that was my model:

You can see that, for a jar, it has pretty complicated lines. But that's no excuse. Anyway, I enjoyed the time spent drawing, and that's the main thing for non-artist me.


  1. A college art professor critiqued my still life as being too realistic-"they make cameras for that". But later as
    a research chemist I was often called on by the engineering
    department to sketch an item from the blueprints. Along came CAD-CAM and I was left with my flasks and spectrometers. So, clearly unqualified as an art critic,
    my opinion, based on practical perspective drawing, is that
    A: a glass jar with candy is difficult, B: a bit more shading would give your drawing more depth, focusing on the lid and right side C: your free hand perspective looks
    fine and would be brought out more with a simplified horizontal line like the shelf edge in the photo. If old
    Dr. Ortiz knew I was doing art criticism, she would move me to the back of the class!

  2. Ha-ha, fooled ya, BB! Not candy but pieces of colored glass picked up in the desert. I wonder if the difference between my execution of right and left sides has to do with having a dominant hand. Hmmm. Scientific question?