Saturday, November 30, 2013

Meditation: Rubber Rat

Nothing isn't a good enough subject for a drawing, not even a dusty rubber rat. First the pure contour --

Then the slow study --

Here is everything together. Clockwise from noon -- subject, contour, finished drawing:

I have made the rat's tail too long, his body too stout, and the angle of his rear leg isn't right at all, but I'm pleased with the head. 

It never hurts to do a few more contour drawings. Looking back and trying again for the proper lines is always worth taking time to do.


  1. Pamela...what a cool idea for a blog. I like the background color as it makes the drawings nicely pop. I was interested in your potato drawing on DEB, but it's really neat that you're turning this developing skill into a meditation. The step that I especially related to was how you've gone back to correct the parts the were out of proportion. I do a similar thing with my photography when I come home and am not satisfied with my results. Out I go again and it's in that part that I think most of the learning takes place. Best of luck with your new blog. Karen

  2. I didn't really correct the drawing but did critique it and do additional contour drawings. The whole idea of meditation is good for slowing down and taking time to look and look and look again. Thanks for visiting, Karen.

  3. I am impressed. (Am always impressed with people who can draw.) Like the idea of this as a meditation, to learn to see deeper.

  4. Thanks for visiting, Barbara and Kathy. And I must correct one of my corrections in the post: I made the tail too SHORT!